14:00 Official Opening FOLSOM STAGE

14:15 Talk about PrEP – Emmanuel Danan

Europe gets PrEPared

PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a new option for HIV-negative individuals to protect themselves from acquiring HIV by taking medical drugs prophylactically.

This Folsom weekend, with visitors from all over the world, Berlin will probably have the highest number of PrEP users in town ever. But what exactly is PrEP? How does it work? Who takes it? How and where can you get it? In a chat show style format, German PrEP activist Nicholas Feustel will talk with HIV scientists and clinicians as well as PrEP users and people from the community about this new and promising HIV prevention tool, that sits in line with condoms, treatment as prevention and regular testing.
The chat will be in English. Questions from the audience in German can be translated.
Emmanuel Danan: Musician, PrEP activist in Germany, founder of the GayRomeo Club “PrEP-info-DE” and member of the PrEP.jetzt activists group.
Emmanuels talk guests are:

Dr. Matthias Wienold: Physician, consultant and AIDS-Activist, member of the PrEP working group of physicians in Berlin/Brandenburg, members of the European AIDS Treatment Group, an organisation which connects all PrEP activists worldwide and provides educational opportunities on HIV and access to treatment. 

Alex Craddock: UK PrEP activist and co-founder of iwantprepnow.co.uk, the website that basically created the PrEP movement in Europe, telling people how to take PrEP correctly and where to get it affordably before the NHS starts providing it.

Helge Tietz: Pedagogue and M.A. in gender studies. Prevention worker at manCheck, one of Berlin’s community checkpoints, distributing information in clubs about risk-reduction strategies regarding sex and drugs.

Felix Bergmann: Business psychologist, PrEP User for the past 2 years, active in the Hamburg fetish scene and organiser of the Hamburg Fetish Pub Crawl.

Sven Lüke: Computer Technician, PrEP User for the past 6 months, creator of the website PrEP.jetzt, which includes PDF-guides to ordering online and the biggest PrEP-FAQ in the German language.


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14:45 Querplattler – Traditional Bavarian Folk Dance
Berlins first gay traditional Bavarian dancing club. Butch, manly and topped with a touch of black and shiny leather!


15:10 Georg Kroneis – Classic Performance

The Austrian songwriter sings and plays the viol da gamba. He performed at „Classic meets Fetish“ and will present pieces from his solo programm“Songs to My Viol“



15:30 Philipp Tirgis – Acrobatics
A man and his body – you don’t need more for a fascinating and moving performance. His impressive and minimalistic act is amazing!

15:40 Miss Natasha Enquist – Chansons

Miss Natasha Enquist is a singer-songwriter and musician originally from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. She has performed her way from Canada to Walt Disney World, and over to Europe to progress with her dreamy, dark, romantic sound of mixing electronic pop music with her accordion chanteuse style. Miss Enquist is looking forward to returning for her 2nd year in a row to entertaining the guests of Folsom Europe, as there is no place she feels more herself and at home.


A very unique mixture of Dominatrix, Comedian and Muppet. You’ll be mesmerized by this provocative artist from Australia with her incredible amount of energy and inclusive humor!

16:15 Georg Kroneis – Classic Performance


16:35 Querplattler – Traditional Bavarian Folk Dance

16:50 Liliana VelásquezFETISHCOMEDYSHOW
A Folsom Europe special guest who just came back from her international tour. Colombian-American powerhouse Liliana Velásquez, an excellent comedian based in Berlin who was once a professional dominatrix!

For more Information please visit her on Facebook or Instsagram



Experienced BDSM educator and full-time comedian John Pendal joins us all the way from London, England.
In 2003 John became the 25th person (and only Brit) to win the annual “International Mr Leather” contest in Chicago. Since then he has travelled extensively teaching SM education, giving speeches, as a master of ceremonies or doing stand-up comedy.
Amongst others, he has taught SM workshops at “Down and Dirty” in Melbourne (Australia), Kinkfest (London), Leather Camp (Wichita), Minnesota Leather Pride, Mr Leatherman Toronto, Palm Springs Leather Pride, Rome BDSM Conference (Italy), SINSations in Leather, Spring in the South (Atlanta), Tribal Fire (Oklahoma), and for twelve consecutive years at Thunder in the Mountains (Denver).

He has also been the MC for Mr San Francisco Leather, Mr Belfast Leather, Mr Palm Springs Leather, Mr Midwest Leather (Iowa), Tulsa Mr Leather, Mr Leatherman Toronto, Mr Hoist (London), Mr Leather UK, and has hosted Mr Chicago Leather every year from 2004 to date. In 2012 he was delighted to co-host the 34th International Mr Leather contest.

John was the closing keynote speaker at the Leather Leadership Conference in Minneapolis (2007). He received two Pantheon of Leather awards in 2004: the International Award and the Community Choice Award for Men. He’s also been interviewed on-screen for two feature film documentaries: “Kink Crusaders” (2011) and “Age of Consent” (2014).

He has been working as a comedian since 2010, performing his solo show “International Man of Leather” in Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Edmonton (Canada), Melbourne and Rome. His new show “How to Escape From Stuff” will be debuted at the Edinburgh Festival this year.

For more information please visit www.johnpendal.com – Fetlife (LeatherComic) – Facebook (LeatherComedy) – or Instagram (johnpendal.comic)


17:30 Photoshoot Sash Holders

18:00 Music by DJ Andreas Iserloth 

22:00 Official end of FOLSOM STAGE 2017


The Canadian comedian is the Host of the FETISHCOMEDYSHOW. He has Performer in Los Angeles, Cape Town, Edinburgh and London where he reached the semi-finale of Britains’s prestigious “So You Think You’re Funny” competition. It should come as no surprise, that he has made quite a name on Berlin’s stand-up comedy scene. (And he is also an active member of the Berli Leather Fetish!) Get ready for his charming and pointed humor. More about Ben on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram